D3DGear 5.00 Build 2262 Crack + Full Activation Key Download

D3DGear 5.00 Build 2262 Crack + Full Activation Key Download

D3DGear 5.00 Build 2262 Crack is very fast game video recording software. D3DGear allows users to capture game play to movie without slowing down the game. D3DGear has very minimal performance impact on the game and may not cause a game to lag or drop frame rate. D3DGear recording produces high quality video with small file size, and it supports microphone recording, Push-To-Talk recording and face camera overlay. D3DGear is a perfect video game recorder for users who want to record game play with commentary to a movie and upload it YouTube. D3DGear recording performance is superior among other similar software such as Fraps software. Visit our Fraps Alternative page for detail comparison between D3DGear and Fraps.

 Certain games have achievements systems, which allow players to brag about their kill streaks or other impressive deeds, but they are nothing compared to videos of the actual events. Standard screen recorders are not compatible with most games, but you can find numerous applications which you can use to record your gameplay. D3DGear is dedicated specifically to games which use DirectX or OpenGL. Like other similar applications, D3DGear allows you to record, take screenshots and view your current gameplay, but it also lets you broadcast video feeds or stream the gameplay to your friends.

D3DGear 5.00 Build 2262 Crack + Full Activation Key

The app has a simple interface that is very easy to figure out. Thus, when you launch the app for the first time, several settings can be made. For instance, you can have the program display the number of frames per second in one of the defined locations on the screen and choose a font color. You may also enable screenshot capture and movie recording and assign a keyboard shortcut for each task. While the program already has some output locations defined, these can be changed with ease. The app supports several image formats, such as BMP, JPG, GIF and PNG. Also, it can save videos to AVI and WMV formats. The movie’s resolution may be modified to one of the available preset options.

D3DGear’s controls are neatly organized on a tabbed interface. You can make various adjustments to its screenshot and recording features, as well as its broadcasting and P2P streaming capabilities. The software allows you to select a specific area of the screen, where the FPS will be displayed, and choose a different color and size for the font. Screenshots can be saved in JPG, BMP, PNG and GIF format and you can set the application to include the frame rate on the snapshots, add a time stamp and more.

When configuring the recording feature, you may choose between the AVI and the WMV video formats, set a resolution and frame rate, select different video codecs, enable audio recording, convert surround channels to stereo and more. D3DGear allows you to assign a hotkey for each function. While playing a game, you can use these hotkeys and the application will start recording, broadcasting and so on. The recordings and screenshots are saved automatically in a folder of your choice.

Key Features:

  • D3DGear employs a high efficient recording engine, it has much less performance impact while recording.
  • D3DGear compresses video in real time, recorded movie file size is much better than Fraps.
  • D3DGear allow user to record main game sound and microphone voice commentary.
  • D3DGear can save microphone audio into separate audio track.
  • D3DGear Supports hardware GPU encoding (AMD/Intel/Nvidia). Hardware GPU encoding eliminates CPU stress while recording movie.

System Requirements:

  • Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

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